Bed Head – Thoughts of Randomness

Below are my random thoughts for the day. I delete these and replace them with new random thoughts daily. Be sure to check in regularly because there’s no telling how random I will get. Gosh I sure use the random word a lot…

Trying to study today, but keep getting side-tracked. I spent most of yesterday finishing my homework and reading/research assignments, only to wake up this a.m. realizing I need to begin new research for my next posting assignment. 

But then….

I checked my FB Pampered Chef Party, added a post, then got side-tracked from that and played a couple Words with Friends games. Then, back on my college website, I somehow ended up in the Store and ordered a Hoodie and a coffee cup. Almost back on track, I clicked on the tab for my classroom resources, so I could begin my research for the day. At least, I thought I clicked on that tab. I ended up on the Amazon website. Ordered a new Christmas ornament. You see, my sister requires everyone who lives within hollering distance to bring their very own ornament to adorn her tree. I found a cute kitty creating a little Christmas mischief, and ordered that. After that, back to Facebook. Nothing going on, so I got the clever idea to use my procrastination craziness as my Random Thoughts for the day. 

Sometimes I amaze myself at my ability to get out of work…

Have a lazy day. I am.





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