Bed Head – Thoughts of Randomness

Below are my random thoughts for the day. I delete these and replace them with new random thoughts daily. Be sure to check in regularly because there’s no telling how random I will get. Gosh I sure use the random word a lot…


2020 – The year Trump sweats and blames the stink on the Dems.

So Trump is not answering the question, “If you lose the election, will there be a peaceful transfer of power?” No DUH! Did any of you actually think he’d take it like a real President? You remember real presidents, right? The ones who believe in our country, freedom and democracy?  I sure miss those kinds of presidents. Hard to believe I miss the Bush’s, but I will take them over what we have anyday!

But I digress…

Yes, it’s going to be a shit-storm when Trump loses. He will summon his skin-heads and his “base” and tell them to riot, pillage, and take back America. He will not take a loss like a human being, either. He’s going to pull out all the stops that a filthy rich overgrown Baby Huey would. 

We can’t be scared of him, though. The time to be scared is if the Orange Demonic Moron gets re-elected. Then be very scared. If we don’t all die from COVID due to his giving zero fucks, we will end up in war or worse. 

I can make a million jokes about the whole situation, but the truth is, it’s not funny. It’s getting less and less funny every day, folks.

There’s my rant.  I’m needing more coffee and some sugary and delicious empty calories. Some days I write my feelings.

Today I eat my feelings. 





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