Bed Head – Thoughts of Randomness

Below are my random thoughts for the day. I delete these and replace them with new random thoughts daily. Be sure to check in regularly because there’s no telling how random I will get. Gosh I sure use the random word a lot…


I can’t believe it’s March already!

2018 has gotten off to a sprinting start, wouldn’t you agree? What happened to January and February? Maybe I was still hibernating. I am new to the Great Northwest, after all, and not used to the cold weather yet. 

Whatever the reason, March sure did get here quickly! The good news is that Spring can’t be far behind. The bad news is I don’t have a thing to wear! Todate, I have lost 77 pounds and quite frankly, I have no idea what size I should be wearing. I’m still clunking around in my Size 22 lounge pants (which are prone to fall right off me at the most inopportune moments).  

Lost Weight, please help.

I either have to develop a third hand to hold up my britches, or I simply must go clothes shopping. I am not a shopper, as many of you may know, so getting me out the door will take some tricky trickery. Some snide slithery.  Some underhanded overhauling, if you will. 

Y’all go on ahead without me. My coffee and my Size 22’s will keep me company. When God was handing out “fashion sense and the associated genes”, I lost my place in line and ended up in the “just wear what fits if it’s clean” aisle. 

I’m sensible and I’m okay without lipstick.  I never perfected the fish-lips required for the zillions of selfies out there in the web-universe.

I wish I understood what that’s all about…

But, that is all too deep for my Saturday-thinking, so I’m going to sign-off and wish everyone a happy weekend!


I haven’t completely rejected the idea of new clothes. In the event that you can’t stand to see or think of me wearing giant lounge pants and a sweatshirt down to my knees, donations will be gratefully accepted. My favorite color is red. 



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