Featured People and what’s in their Heads


ATTENTION:  All you writers, bloggers, authors, novelists, poets, storytellers, town criers, photographers, videographers, sports and/or health enthusiasts, gossips, reviewers, critics, journalists, and so forth and so on.

Would you like to be my featured guest right here?  There’s no pay, no vacation or sick days, and the decor isn’t all that fancy.  However, I am an excellent hostess and would provide all the virtual martinis and hors d’oeuvre you could ever desire. And don’t forget  the adoration of the multitudes. There’s always that. When you think about it, that’s some pretty Heady stuff, right?  (You see what I did there? I’m so clever.)

All I ask is that you honor me and my readers with your wit, wisdom and whimsy.  One, two or all three would be super special! 

Now, who could turn down such a passionate plea?  

Pretty please.  

My goal is to have at least one featured guest per week.  Your article will be featured on the exalted What’s in Terri’s Head? Home Page. 

If interested, please go to my Contact Page and complete the short form.

Thanks!  I look forward to having you in my head on my blog! 


Current Guest

Julie C Gardner, Author

Upcoming Guests:

Still searching for guest bloggers. If you find one, please bring them to me…even if you have to drag them, kicking and screaming. Just so they are alive, please. 

Previous Guests (Find their article on date specified

Pat Winchester Booth – October 16, 2017
Tony Nicholson – October 22, 2017