February. Bah Humbug.

I’m right there with ya, JD Robb. Praise be.

February is halfway finished. I am halfway happy about it. I realize that I say this every year, but I am not a fan of February. Most people probably feel like January is less popular, but January is the new year, and on the very first day, they have a big party worldwide just to welcome January in. Personally, I celebrate January because the freaking exhaustive holiday season is finally over.

But What happens in February? Uh. Valentine’s Day. Big whoop. Frivolous and expensive if you have a significant other; pitiful and perusing-online-dating-sites if you don’t. I am in the latter group. My sister did buy me a nice box of Valentine’s chocolates, so there’s that. Still, I hate February, so I will provide a list of reasons to prove it. So here goes…

  • My sister felt so sorry for me, she bought me a box of chocolates.
  • I was in the hospital on two separate Fridays, and yes, on the 13th. Both times. I hate hospitals.
  • I married both of my ex-husbands in February. Not at the same time. Still, that’s some sucky luck.
  • Stupid February, and its 28 days. Every 4 years, they add one day just to confuse everyone and make it 29 days. Or is it the other way around? How the hell am I supposed to remember that? Sheesh.
  • It is cold as fuck in February, even in Georgia. Two stages of hell right there. I should start a list of why I don’t like Georgia. The first item would be Marjorie Taylor Greene. That’s enough. I wouldn’t need to write another item on that list. It would be enough to send anyone running for the border.
  • Everyone seems to be in a bad mood in February. Or is it just me?
  • February sucks.

Don’t hate me because I am grumpy. Love me because I am forthright.

After all, it IS Valentine’s Day.

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